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About Homoeopathy

Homoeopathy is a system of holistic medicine that is now over two hundred years old. The Homeopathic approach is to not only treat an individual for their physical complaints but to also consider their mental and emotional states as pivotal components in the healing and treatment process as well. Homoeopathic treatment is highly individualized and tailored to suit each patient’s particular health needs. In this way, homoeopathy is a medical approach that respects the wisdom of the body.

Benefits of Homoeopathy

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-          It offers a natural and effective approach for both acute and chronic illnesses.

-          Homoepathic treatment is individualised and tailored made to suit the patient’s needs.

-          Homoeopathy offers a holistic approach to treatment thus menbtal,emotional and physical symptoms are taken into consideration.

-          It is safe for the whole family to use.

-          It is safe for breast feeding and pregnancy.

-          Minimal  to no side effects associated with the use of Homoepathic medicines.

-          Homoepathic medicines are easy to take.

-          Effective results in a short amount of time.

-          Homoepathy aims to treat the cause of the illness and not the symptoms.

Meet our Resident Doctor

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My name is Dr Koketso Ramoupi and I am a qualified Homoeopath. I am a young, black dynamic woman who was born and bred in Tlhabane in the beautiful Bokone Bophirima. I am registered with the Allied Health Professional Council of South Africa and I continue to broaden my skills and knowledge. Dr K I has been in the Health and Wellness industry for more than a decade.