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Corporate Wellness Programme

When you introduce Mesora Day Spa Corporate Massages into your workplace, you are choosing the best provider of one of the most cost effective and most popular health and wellbeing rewards for your greatest asset, your staff. At the same time, you will be boosting the morale of the office, reducing muscle pain and tension, rejuvenating and de-stressing your staff and positively affecting their health and well-being – all without having to leave the office and affect production time. This all makes an instant and profound difference to the energy and vitality of your workplace, which will motivate your enthusiastic team to perform at their peak for you. The massage itself promotes better circulation, releases muscle tension from the neck, shoulders, back, and creates such a great feeling of lightness and clarity.

Our specialised seated Corporate Massage routine is designed to achieve these results quickly and effectively and finishes in an invigorating way so that your staff feel relaxed yet charged with energy and ready to get right back into a productive day. The usual time for a seated massage is 20-30 minutes, with 20 min proving to be the most popular. The massage is conducted over the clothes without oils. Sometimes if needed, with just a massage cream.

We are able to cater for table massage in the office environment if a longer session is requested and possible, with a remedial aspect of treatment if desired. We suggest the minimum time to be 30min, and suitable sized private room made available so staff can feel comfortable removing part of their clothing to expose area to be massaged i.e. Back, neck and shoulder. Therapeutic oils will be used on the skin to massage. Your corporate Massage investment generally starts from R500 per therapist, per hour, including call out rates (within 20km radius)

Two funding options are available.

100% employer funded

The employer pays for the service to occur on a regular monthly basis as part of their health, Well-being and stress management programme. This is the most common option and most popular.


The employer may choose to cover part of the cost and the employee pays the remainder. This is a great choice if the budget does not allow full employer funding “Innovative Idea, Make it part of your corporate culture”

Corporate Wellness Programme

Looking to build your team’s morale, but want something out of the ordinary as well as a relaxing spa day? Mesora Day Spa’s corporate group interactive packages have been specifically designed for that purpose. Our signature pamper treatment are paired with handpicked courses from Pool Yoga and breathing with Oratiwe Nameng, wine tastings with Kagiso Rangaka, getting crafty with Amogelang, boosting makeup skills for day and night with Kele Foko – you’re sure to find something that’ll boost team morale! Wellness, self-care and self awareness has become very important in the lives of today. Showing your employees that you care for their wellbeing will provide a lot of benefits. Team building has changed its face. Because a lot of employees bear a lot of stress and we believe that the days of the old ways of doing team building has to be paired with wellness. We believe that for one to participate fully in a team space, they must be aware of themselves first, understand who they are and what makes them happy so they are to present themselves fully when engaging with others. A happy person from within generally rubs off the happiness to the people around them. Our Packages come with a Self Awareness in Corporate Wellness coaching session and motivational conversations lead by a professional coach to encourage and motivate your team as a fundamental key to the employee development programme, Medical screening and Medical advise by Dr Koketso, our resident doctor, a homeopath and Wellness specialist. Covid 19 regulations to be observed.

Corporate Wellness Programme Packages

Welcome drinks served upon arrival at Mesora followed by a delicious Spa Breakfast to “kick start” your Pamper Journey and a tasty 2-course Spa Luncheon to feed body & soul including complimentary local beverages. Slip into complete peace & tranquillity with two pampering spa treatments including: Full Body Massage with or without Hot Stones to soothe tired muscles and for the ultimate ”time-out” pamper, a Foot & Lower Leg Massage.

Enjoy a time out during your wellness journey to indulge your senses whilst enjoying the “quiet of an oasis in the village”, ending a perfectly relaxing experience with a beverage and treat, served upon departure. Arrival at Mesora Experiences at 07h30. Breathe into tranquillity of the early morning as you move slowly through a sequence of positions and stretching, awakening your body and mind for the day ahead


Oratilwe and her assistant will take you through a fun aqua yoga and breathing class, focusing on co-ordinating movements and breath, whilst bringing in some light hearted playfulness with the healing power of music. The poses to strengthen and tone muscles, improve flexibility and concentration whilst quietening the mind. Classes are for all fitness levels.

Aqua Yoga utilizes modified movements and principles of yoga. While a traditional yoga workout can provide many health benefits, stepping into the pool while you get your yoga on can truly boost your entire session! Few of the major benefits of water yoga include; ease of stress and enxiety, calms mind and body, alleviates aches and pains and strengthens the body. Mentally, the synchronized breathing relaxes the clatter of the mind and helps to release any blockage of energy flow throughout our bodies... pure grace in motion! • Minimum Attendees : 10 • Maximum Attendees : 30


Tshiamo Thipe will demonstrate an entire make up look that transforms you from a day at the office to an elegant evening look. The following will be explained: Different types of foundations

Different types of foundations Powders Eye shapes and eyeshadows Eyebrow Trends Lipsticks Natural and glamour looks Correct Beauty tools to use Lipgloss, highlighter or blush Powder puffs & wedges Do’s & Dont’s Minimum Attendees : 10 Maximum Attendees : 20


Enjoy a wine tasting experience hosted by Kagiso Rangaka. This tasting includes a variety of 4 different South African wines, each served in a different format. Guests will also learn more about the wine making process and the unique botanicals used to create South Africa’s award winning wines.

What is wine? , each wine has its own secret recipe and technique to give it its depth of flavour, infusion of natural botanicals, character and story. Basically wine, to those passionate about its craft, can be like a white wall to a graffiti artist – full of possibility. The tasting is informative, fun and a great introduction to local craft wines. • Minimum Attendees : 10 • Maximum Attendees : 30


From Art craft to bead making. These accessories are bigger than fashioin. Amoogelang the creative mind behind Amogelang Pila will lead the interaction. The demonstration encourages participation, is informative, fun and a great way to connect with yourself in style. Leave Mesora Spa with a traditional souvenir to cherish your experience with us.

• Minimum Attendees : 10 • Maximum Attendees : 30